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Wide Dynamic Range Dome Camera WDR

Wide Dynamic Range dome cameras are special dome cameras that help in fighting tough natural and artificial lighting schemes, by delivering the most optimal video shots possible. These dome cameras are great for indoor applications like small business offices with large window style doors and restaurants with large windows that take in tremendous amounts of sun light. The goal is that add extra exposure to people, target objects, and areas that have up and down levels of available light and render high quality video. Wide dynamic range accomplishes this by splitting each frame/image into many boxes and it scans for in inaccuracies and adds the right amount exposure to create a balanced and high resolution video shot. If you have any extra questions or you are looking for extra manuals or specifications on our wide dynamic range dome cameras, call out 800 line speak to a CCTV consultant today.

Learn More About Wide Dynamic Range Dome Cameras


To understand the concept of how wide dynamic range works with security cameras, you must first understand what is going on in your environment. Take a look around your indoor application. If there is a room where natural or artificial lights are constantly changing, then you are going to have some issues where the room is too bright or too dark. You will also find that during the most unusual times, like when it is too bright or too dark in a room you want to monitor, you will have an issue, theft, accident, dangerous situation, or that one event you wanted to capture on camera. This is why wide dynamic range is in high demand for indoor applications that have windows, glass doors, pretty much any small business setting where there is a flow of traffic constantly during business hours.

Wide dynamic range was invented mainly by Fuji initially, they brought it to their “SR” version of their SUPER CCD cameras and soon after other camera OEM manufactures soon followed. However there are two main solutions that WDR dome cameras use. One there is multi-frame imaging, where the dome camera captures more than one frame of the field of view. Each frame in this technique has a different dynamic range. The camera will take both frames and combine both dynamic ranges to produce one wide dynamic range. This technique is used for still images. The second technique is more for security cameras. This process uses non linear sensors, usually complex algorithms, where the sensor sense the different levels of illumination and thus enables the capture of just one image to make for a wide dynamic range. In this situation the camera is always thinking and digitally enhancing the exposure of the frame or image to render the most optimal video quality.


Restaurants With Big Windows Need Cameras With Wide Dynamic Range

If you have a few security cameras indoors on your dining room floor or near doors that constantly open and close, then you are going to need dome cameras with wide dynamic range technology. This technology will aid you in the ability for it to constantly re-evaluate and produce the most optimal video quality. There are times during service where the windows have immense light in certain windows and others that almost no extra light and thus a darker shadow cast over that area. The problem will arise where you cannot see what is going on because of this problem and you will have video loss. Do not just buy any old camera and put it up. You must know the environment of your application first, before you can know what you need. However, not all applications are easy to troubleshoot from the start without some trail and error. If you are a restaurant manager or owner and you need a solution, use WDR dome cameras and you will solve the issues of not having a constant, bright, high resolution video shot when you need critical information. Other businesses can uses these cameras too. Any area with big windows or solid glass doors, you will want to use these cameras during your operational times indoors or outdoors

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