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Wireless Camera Review 2014

Introducing a wireless camera into your home can bring a sense of security in a number of situations. You may want to deter crime by monitoring your house or apartment remotely. You can also keep an eye on pets or children in your home while you are away. The best wireless security cameras can help you with any of these tasks, offering a view of any area in your home you like. They can provide an extra layer of security, even in low lighting. Because they are wireless, you can install them easily, and virtually anywhere. The best wireless security cameras also offer zooming capabilities and can focus in on the area, object or person you want to film with their panning and tilting controls.

Because people use wireless cameras almost exclusively to add security by recording views of their homes while they are away, we consider home security systems to be the logical choice for acquiring your wireless cameras. Trying to monitor your home on your own with a set of wireless security cameras is not going to be very effective and will likely lead to a lot of frustration. Competition among security companies has become fierce enough that the monthly price to have professionals monitor your wireless cameras and other security equipment is now very reasonable. The best security systems for your home that we found in our wireless camera review includeFrontPoint Security, Protect America and SafeMart. You can also use our learning center articles about wireless cameras to learn more about wireless security camera systems.

The best wireless security camera systems come from companies that you can trust to keep your home safe when you are at work or on vacation. These cameras are part of a larger system of devices that give you peace of mind by protecting you from carbon monoxide poisoning, floods, fires, break-ins and more. The equipment can alert emergency personnel if anyone tampers with your doors or windows, or in the case of other problems.

Camera Features
The best wireless security cameras record quality images that you can really use. They allow you to pan and tilt the camera via remote control to view specific areas in each room, and they can zoom in on targeted items. They allow you to adjust elements of the video such as brightness and contrast. These cameras give you one more avenue to protect your home when you cannot be there.

Monitoring Services
The best wireless security cameras are backed by the best monitoring companies. A wireless camera security system from the best monitoring company covers your home around the clock, every day of every year. These companies offer a wide variety of equipment and allow you to set it up in the way that you prefer. You will be able to determine the amount of time between when the sensors detect something abnormal in your home and when the system contacts the authorities. The best security providers have redundancy in their systems as well, so that if your power, internet or telephone fails, there is another way to contact emergency services.

Security Devices
Quality monitoring companies offer a wide array of devices that add to your peace of mind, including high quality wireless cameras, heat sensors, sirens, glass-break sensors, motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and more. We looked for the companies with quality and quantity in terms of device selection.

Help & Support
We considered each company’s customer service offerings as well. We looked for providers that are easy to contact by live chat, email, phone and other methods. The best providers have websites that make it easy to find answers to your questions.

The best wireless camera comes with a good home security provider to back it up. Quality equipment and service combine to offer you peace of mind when you are away from home. A modest investment in wireless security cameras will increase your and your loved ones’ safety.