Driveway security systems are essential in any kind of setting as they alert the right people whenever a vehicle or a person enters the property. The commonly used systems for the driveway are motion sensors which monitor the driveway area and send signals in form of an alarm once something has been captured in the driveway. The driveway alarm works in conjunction with a receiver in achieving this objective.

The driveway sensor is the most important part of the system as it is what helps in the monitoring of the specific area. There are sensors dedicated in sensing vehicles while other are meant for detecting both vehicles and people. Depending on the kind of need the person may have, it is easy to choose a system that will effectively serve the purpose.

Types of Wireless Driveway Alarm
The first type of driveway alarms is the alarms containing infra-red driveway sensors. The wireless driveway alarms detect both vehicles and people and do not sense motion. Instead of detecting motion, the sensors detect moving heat.

The magnetic probe driveway alarms are wireless driveway alarms although there are several that some wired. They are mostly buried by the driveway and mainly detect moving metals. This therefore means that this type of driveway alarm does not detect animals of people and is entirely dedicated to detecting vehicles.
The other type of driveway alarms is the rubber hose alarm which consists of sensors responsible in detecting anything that has rubber hose. This type is a wireless driveway alarm which is easy in installing. It may however not function very well in heavy snow.


Importance of Driveway Alarm
Drive way alarms are very essential in keeping intruders away. Whether one chooses to go for the wired or the wireless versions of the alarms, it is possible to monitor property and even manage to call security before anything serious of fatal happens.
The alarms are also a good way of managing people or vehicles coming in and out of the property or premises. In case anything happens, it is easy to tell who was within the building and even the cars that checked in and out of the building during the time of the incident in question.
Parents can also use the alarms to monitor children. For instance, they can be used in the swimming area to alert parents every time the children find their way to the swimming pool. This is a good way of ensuring security within the home.

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